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Sep 21 2015


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Everything is perfect,
Your creation is complete
and as it should be.
This moment, the light,
the breeze,
coming in
through this

The crow
watching you
its perfect beak
against a stone.

Even the storm
on the horizon,
dark, rolling
towards your house.
This, too, is perfect.

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Oct 28 2012


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Bleached, reduced and dried
just a taste in your mouth that
you can summon by name

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Mar 07 2011

Tattooing The Surface Of The Moon

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OK, so I’ve been a little on the quiet side, the good news is I’ve been writing and editing. The cogs are turning, but they’re well greased and thus not making a whole lot of noise.

In the absence of actual content from myself, I thought I would throw in something recently posted by Sean M. Whelan, he performed a bunch of his work recently with co-conspirator Andrew Watson. The link below will take you to a video of the two of them performing the title to Sean’s most recent and purchase-worthy book.

Click this link. You know you should!

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Oct 05 2010

Roger McGough at it again

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There is a train strike currently afoot in England. Genius poet Roger McGough has put out some poems in response. Take a look at the Guardian for more details on the matter, but I thought I would share this one as it tickles my love of clever puns.

A Striking Soliloquy

tu be
or not
tu be

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Nov 10 2009


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Hello dear readers, just to get myself back in the habit of posting more often, I shall state I spent a very pleasant Saturday in the Gypsy Bar in Brunswick St. watching the world go by, writing idly and generally not stressing about much at all.

Stuff is forming in my notebook, but I seem to work by way of accretion. Will post again soon with something I was toying with on Saturday.

Hope you are all well.

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